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We achieved a 36% saving on furniture ex-factory invoices totalling ~ HK$18M savings for one of our main clients over the last 3 years.

Here’s how…

Impartial & Competitive Internal Tendering Processes

We have a large network of approved suppliers in the region. At the outset of a relationship and after understanding the brief, we select to the appropriate suppliers ensuring the best match for our client needs.

Value Engineering

Once preliminary pricing is agreed, we manage the drawing approval process and work on value engineering the design. We revise our quotes following the value engineering process and the end product outlook remains unchanged with savings passed onto the client.

Smarter Ordering Procedures

Working closely with the client we determine the best ordering procedures to suit their needs. Bulk ordering can see considerable savings for the client. When a bulk order is confirmed we can arrange suitable packing and storage options to ensure goods are ready to ship when needed.

Detailed Inventory Management

We ensure your inventory is correctly managed, analysing previous orders shipped, advising on updating new furniture requirements with the evolution of the concept and making sure replenishment orders are placed on time.

Throughout this process quality is never compromised.

100+ Furniture orders fulfilled around the world

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