Why use a Specialist?
efficient management of your retail expansion

Retail Project Management is a specialist field and used extensively in America and Europe. There is a growing trend in Asia for the use of project managers, especially in the retail field.

The project manager becomes the communication hub of a project – all requests, daily matters, orders etc. are channeled through this hub, from client, to design, to supplier, to landlords, to logistics and so forth.

MB Luxe can take on the role of effectively being your in-house PM, efficiently managing your retail expansion by assigning and allocating human resources when your project volumes are high, and reassigning them elsewhere when your project volumes are low.

Other benefits…

  • Highly experienced retail project specialist using proven project management tools
  • A single point of contact for the client
  • A focused team
  • Transparency with tenders and correspondence
  • Highly experienced on value engineering techniques
  • Extensive network of contractors, suppliers, designers, consultants
  • Ideal for companies new to Asia who have not yet set up a local retail development team
  • Allows existing employees to focus on their existing role
  • Contracted PM can also manage a project in a new country when brands / retailers look to expand beyond their current borders